pumpkin kootu-1


Pumpkin                                              2 big pieces

Chana dal                                            1 spoon

Red chilly                                             3

Coconut                                               ½  cup

Jeera                                                      1 spoon

Salt                                                         as required

Curry leaves                                      1 strip

Hing                                                       small pinch

Coconut oil – 2 spoons, Mustard, urad dal (for tempering)           


  • Remove the skin and cut pumpkin into fairly big pieces.
  • Cook cut vegetable with chana dal and salt in pressue cooker for 3 whistles. (can be cooked directly in vessel also).
  • Wetgrind as a nice paste, coconut, jeera & red chilly .
  • Open the cooker, add hing, curry leaves and the paste.
  • Temper with mustard & urad dal in coconut oil.

Goes well with vathakuzhambu rice and chappathi.

The following vegetables can be cooked in the same method:

  • Snake gourd
  • Red pumpkin
  • Chow chow
  • Cabbage
  • Bottle gourd

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