millet pongal-1 millet pongal-2 millet pongal-3


Mixed millets                    – 1 CUP

(please refer “Mixed millets upma” for making mixed millets)

MOONG DAL                      -1/4 CUP

Water                                   -4 ½ cups

SALT                                      – AS REQUIRED

HING                                      -PINCH

Cooking oil                          -2 SPOONS

PEPPER                                 -1 SPOON

JEERA                                     -1 ½  SPOONS

CASHEW                                 -10

GINGER                                   – SMALL PIECE

GREEN CHILLY                      -1

CURRY LEAF                          -1 STRIP


  • Chop ginger, green chilies and curry leaves finely.
  • Crush the pepper.
  • Wash and soak moong dal in water, half an hour before preparation, in a small cooker. 
  • Add mixed millets to cooker contents. 
  • Cook it for 7 or 8 whistles. (I cooked in electric cooker). 
  • Once you are able to open the cooker, add salt and hing.
  • Heat oil in a small frying pan, fry remaining items to golden and add to pongal.

It is very tasty and healthy, does not require any side dish.  However, we enjoyed it with sambar.

For frying, ghee can be used in place of oil for enriching the taste.


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