All of you know the excellent health benefits of beetroot, but the question coming in everyone’s mind is: what to make? How to make?  So far, I know to make only 2 side dish recipes with beetroot.  

One is simple curry with coconut and the other being coconut-jeera kootu.  

These two are my mom’s recipes, so kept following the same.  After sometime, I got bored of making beetroot always with coconut, so I wanted to try with onion which resulted in the following recipe, please believe me, it came out extremely well and tasted awesome.  It is very simple to make, but very tasty to eat.

beetroot-1 beetroot-2 beetroot-3


Beetroot                              ½ kg

Onion                                    3

Chilli powder                    1 spoon

Salt                                        as required

Turmeric powder             ¼ spoon

For tempering:

Cooking oil          2 tbsp

Mustard               ½ spoon

Urad dal               1 spoon

Chana dal            1 spoon

Red chilly             1-big broken

Curry leaf            1 strip

Hing                       little(optional)


  • Chop the onions.

  • Wash, peel of skin of beetroots, cut into small pieces as shown in pic.

  • Transfer to cooker, add one and half cups of water, salt and turmeric powder.

  • Cook for 5 to 6 whistles.

  • Heat oil, do tempering.

  • Add onions, sauté for a while and add cooked beetroot  along with the water.

  • Add chilli powder and mix well.

  • Keep flame in medium, close the kadai with lid till the full water is absorbed and beetroot is cooked and blended well with other ingredients.

  • Switch off and serve once fully done.

Goes well with rotis and hot white rice mixed with sambar.




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