photo 1

Onion                                                                    1

Tomato                                                                3

Green chilly                                                      3

Besan(kadalai mavu)                              1 spoon

Salt                                                                       as required

Turmeric powder                                         small pinch

Coriander leaves                                         as required

Sundrop oil                                                     2 spoons for tempering

Mustard, urad dal, channa dal         for tempering


photo 2

Heat oil in kadai, add tempering items, then onion, sauté till golden, add tomatoes and green chillies.  Add salt & turmeric powder, mix well, sprinkle water and close it till it is fully cooked upto gravy consistency.  Dissolve besan in good enough water and pour in kadai.  Switch off after a minute. Add coriander leaves.

Excellent side dish for idly, dosa and chappathi.



3 thoughts on “BOMBAY CHUTNEY

  1. Cutting onions and tomatoes as medium or small does not matter at all since you are cooking it upto gravy consistency. pl try out, you will enjoy its simplicity & awesome taste.

  2. Thot of trying this,will let u know hw it has cum out,should v cut the onions n tomatoes small size or medium????????

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