Flag Sandwich


Items required:

•        Bread                                             1 packet
•        Potato                                           2
•        Coriander leaves                    1 bunch
•        Basan                                            1 cup
•        Green chillies                            3
•        Saz(red colour)                      1 cup
•        Salt                                                as required
•        Frying oil                                     2 cups
•        Chilli powder                            2 spoons
•        Pepper powder                       1 spoon


•        Take 4 pieces of bread , remove the edges
•        Boil potato, smash with salt & pepper powder
•        Make chutney with coriander leaves, green chillies & salt
•        Keep the bread one above the other, one junction smeared with potato, one junction with green chutney & the third junction with saz.
•        Take basan in a broad bowl, add salt , chilli powder and mix with water to form a loose paste (just like how you do for bajji)
•        Keep frying oil (sufficiently enough for bread set to dip) in burner
•        Dip the bread set inside basan and place inside the oil pan (hold with hands) till that side is fried and leave the full set inside.
•        Take out once golden
•        Keep it in a plate, cut across, as triangle
•        The sides of the piece shows the colour of flag
•        It is a very tasty dish and has been appreciated in many parties.


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