Rava                                                            1 cup

Curd or thick buttermilk                1 cup

Salt                                                              as required

Eno powder(fruit salt)                    ½ spoon

Coriander leaves                                 handful

Mustard                                                    1 spoon

Green chilly                                           2

Curry leaves                                          1 strip

Oil                                                               1 spoon

Dry coconut powder                        2 tbsp


  • Mix rava, curd, salt and fruit salt, adding water only if required (I didn’t add water) to idli batter consistency.
  • Transfer to dhokla plate and steam cook.
  • Once done, cut into pieces as shown.
  • Heat oil , fry mustard, green chilly cuts and curry leaves.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves, dry coconut powder  and seasoned items.

Recipe shared by Mrs.Hina


dhokla by Mrs.Meenakshi

Try this out, following above procedure, with following differences:

  • besan is used instead of rava.
  • besan is mixed with water(not with curd)
  • use lemon juice while mixing the dough.
  • scrapped coconut is used instead of coconut powder.

This recipe is shared by Mrs. Meenakshi.






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