step by step photos by my daughter Janani

adai-1 adai-2 adai-3 adai-4


Boiled rice      1 cup

urad dal           1/4 cup

toor dal            1/4 cup

channa dal     1/2 cup

red chilly          8

salt                      as required

hing                     liberal pinch

onion                  1 (big)

curry leaf         1 strip


  • Soak rice separaely and dals separately for 3 hours.
  • Grind rice smoothly and along with red chilies, salt and hing.
  • Grind dals coarsely.
  • Mix both together,  add curry leaves and mix well to a consistency thicker than normal dosa batter.
  • chop onions finely.
  • Use dosa pan and prepare like a thick dosa, making a hole in the middle.
  • Turn side and take out once golden.
  • Onions can be mixed with batter or can be spread on adai as soon as dough is spread on pan.
  • Tasty adai is ready.



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