Quick Dosa



Items Required:
  1.       Moong dal                  1 cup
  2.       Wheat rava                1 cup
  3.       Green chillies            3
  4.       Salt                                 As required
  5.       Curry leaves              10
  6.       Onion                             2
  7.       Oil                                    As required (for dosa)


Soak moong dal and wheat rava in water for 15 minutes.  Wet grind in mixie with items 3 & 4.  Prepare dosa adding items 5 & 6.

This is a prize won recipe.



2 thoughts on “Quick Dosa

  1. Really very tasty dosa, I tried it, came out well.One small tip if the batter is watery means just add 2 or 3 spoons of rava, it adds taste too.

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